A Collected and Made Wedding: Archway Inspiration


When I got proposed to last year, I spent the first couple of weeks retelling how he asked me, showing off my ring to anyone who would ask and just feeling really excited about what was to come. We already have two kids together, so we have felt like family for the last four years, but something about having the same last name as him and my kids just made it feel different. Also, I’m really excited that my initials are going to be ASS.

Once the idea that I was going to get married in a couple of years and that I was going to¬† throw the biggest party I have ever thrown to celebrate marrying the man I love set in, it was time to get planning! Since the decor and gifts will be all DIY and vintage, I have been scouring the web to find inspiration, and have made multiple stops at the venue (a beautiful winery in Sacramento) to get the idea of what we will need. Fortunately, it’s such a beautiful setting that we won’t need much, but there are a few spots that could use our personal touch.


While the venue does have a laid-back setting, this archway is just not our style. And since we wanted to infuse as much of us in this as we could, we’ll turn this archway into something that’s matches our lifestyle.

And this is what I like so far:

This is so gorgeous! I would keep the iron, but I love the idea of putting a floral centerpiece on top and having the leaves on either side, and putting crates of flowers at the bottom. Those crates could definitely be reused during the reception, and the guests would be welcome to them after the wedding. Also, I discovered that Emmaline Bride is a handmade bridal resource, good to know!


Photo by Alyssa Maloof  | found through Wedding Party App

I think this one is so simple and yet, so beautiful. Perhaps the beauty is in the simplicity of it. We are using mason jars as our flower vases, so I would probably use those. Not sure if it would be too bulky though, so we would have to test it.


Since I have lace curtains, I love this idea of using them on the archway, and it would be really pretty to see the vineyards through the middle. I was also drawn to the asymmetrical flower arrangements; I think it makes it more interesting and is still beautiful.

I haven’t decided which route I’m going, but this is definitely a good starting point. If you have any ideas or tips, please feel free to share! I would love to hear them. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!